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I’m Tired of Naming Bands

*** Hi, friends. After creating eleventy-bazillion different blogs, both free and purchased, it finally occurred to me that I am once again doing that thing all musicians loathe: I am naming bands. Blogs are the new bands. I’ll explain. Once … Continue reading

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Fitness Faux Pas: 5 Ways You’re Doing the Gym Wrong

Exercise can help burn off excess ADHD energy, as well as working out anxiety – but some gym patrons could use a few good manner reminders. Read about 5 common gym etiquette mistakes on my other website, The Anxiety Mom … Continue reading

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Where Is My Mind?

I haven’t written in a long, long time. Not via blog, not personally, not at all. I’m writing today because I’m trying to get back into the habit — to exercise the muscle, if you will. Apologies if it’s boring. (What … Continue reading

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Shine Sweet Freedom: My Mom’s Latest Cancer Battle Update

I recently returned from spending time with my parents and younger sister in Arizona where my mom continues to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatment for the squamous cell carcinoma with unknown primary that had metastasized into 2 of her lymph … Continue reading

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Update About My Mom’s Cancer: Trying to Stay Positive

I have been meaning to write an update about my mom’s cancer battle, but I just haven’t felt like writing lately. I apologize. I finished the 19 articles assigned to me for April by the Internet company for which I … Continue reading

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“Why Not Me?”

My mom first noticed something was wrong because she’d developed an all-over itchy body rash. This is not uncommon in our family; I once developed all-over itchy hives from a Tetracycline allergy, and Prednisone took care of it. But when … Continue reading

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Hey, 2014. Nice to See You.

  Today’s Randoms:   1.) I was chastised by my husband for staring at him while he kissed me goodbye this morning. I have an unnerving (I’m told) habit of not closing my eyes when I kiss. Apparently my strange … Continue reading

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