Positive Post-Its on Sweatpants and Coffee

Hello, friends!

I joined the Positive Post-Its Movement, and you can, too.

It’s easy:

1. Write a positive message you’d like to share with others or a saying that inspires you onto a post-it, stick/tape it on a mirror, and take a picture.

2. Post the picture of yourself with your own Positive Post-It on Instagram and/or Twitter, using the hashtags ‎#PositivePostIts and ‎#SweatpantsAndCoffee, and your message could be featured on the SweatpantsAndCoffee website!

Cool, right?

This is a really fun way to share your soul with the world. You have so much beauty and good inside of you to offer others, my friends. I see it all of the time. ♥

P.S. Because I currently have a 14-stitch skin cancer removal incision sitting on my shoulder, I made my first Positive Post-It about being proud of our scars instead of embarrassed… because gosh darn it, we *earned* our scars.

Scars mean you’ve been cut open, you bled, you healed, you survived–and that makes you strong and beautiful, so don’t be ashamed of them. OWN them. Scars aren’t flaws, they’re BADASS markings. 🙂

See my Positive Post-It on the Sweatpants & Coffee website, which is officially UP AND RUNNING today:


#PositivePostIts #SweatpantsAndCoffee ‎#SweatpantsCafe ‎#skincancer


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